Mei Tai

We offer two types of Mei Tai's:

Mei Tai Classic

The Asian Mei Tai is a simple and comfortable sling, designed for carrying newborns. The Mei Tai is a convenient hybrid between a baby wrap or sling and an ergonomic baby carrier. It consists of a rectangular piece of fabric having straps at each corner: two padded shoulder straps, and two straps which together form the waist band. Easy and fun to use, for babies and toddlers. A Mei Tai distributes the baby's weight evenly on the parent's shoulders and hips which makes it easier than carrying a baby in the arms or in a ring sling. It is not difficult to learn different methods of carrying a baby in a Mei Tai and this is the reason why both moms and dads love using them.


The Love & Carry® LoveTie is made of 100 % woven cotton of the best quality. Due to its soft backrest and adjustable tightness the LoveTie accurately imitates all curves of the baby's spine, supporting the little one from its tiny heels to the top of the head. Your baby will be in an ideal position. The difference with a classic Mei Tai are the woven fabric and the drawstring with which the back is adjustable in width and height.

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Mei Tai - Breath of Summer

Mei Tai - Breath of Summer

The Love & Carry® Breath of Summer Mei Tai is made of 100 % cotton of the best quality..

Mei Tai - Pineapple

Mei Tai - Pineapple

The Love & Carry® Pineapple Mei Tai is made of 100 % cotton of the best quality. Due t..

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