Mei Tai - Breath of Summer

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The Love & Carry® Breath of Summer Mei Tai is made of 100 % cotton of the best quality. Due to its soft backrest and adjustable tightness the Mei Tai accurately imitates all curves of the baby's spine, supporting the little one from its tiny heels to the top of the head. Your baby will be in an ideal position. While sleeping your baby's back of the head can be additionally supported by a hood, hidden in the pocket of your Mei Tai. We took care of everything down to the smallest details. All you need to do now is to pamper your baby with love and enjoy every single day you spend together! The teething pads shown on the picture can be ordered separately.

  • Designed for babies from 2 months up to 3 years of age (4.5 to max. 15 kg.);
  • Can be used with three carrying positions: front carry, back carry and hip carry;
  • Support the baby's head by the padded headrest;
  • Waist belt – 174 cm;
  • Shoulder straps – 187 cm;
  • Weight – 420 grams;
  • Material – 100% pure cotton;
  • Colour: light beige;
  • Handmade.

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